Bareboat Charter Malta

Stay Overnight On One Of Our Luxury Sailing Charter Yachts

Would you like to experience sleeping onboard overnight and waking up in a secluded bay? Maybe venture out of local waters and visit Sicily or even further.
Malta is an incredible choice for sailing holidays. With so much to see and do, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, combining a sailing holiday on a bareboat charter.
Hire a bareboat charter in Malta, sail and discover the traditional Maltese Islands. Bareboat charters are ideal for weekend break with friends, a one week family holiday or any other event. We can customise any charter to suit your needs. Experience the Luxury of a sailing Yacht Charter in Malta.

This Summer, we have over 30 different sailing yachts that can be hired bareboat or skippered.
Prices vary on the time of year, size of yacht, number of guests and length of trip.
Get in contact today and let us know more about your requirements so we can provide you with a more accurate quote.

Barboat Yacht Charter in Malta For Hire

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Price List

  • Bavaria CR36 - Kiwi

    €2,025 - €2,875 per week

    Dufour 365GL - Skiros​

    €1,825 - €2,625 per week​

    Dufour 382GL - Pleasant Company​

    €2,525 - €3,525 per week​

    Beneteau 43.4 - Moonspirit​

    €2,375 - €3,125 per week​

    Jeanneau SO 439 - Harry The Viking​

    €2,795 - €3,725 per week​

    Dufour 450GL - Oscar Time​

    €2,950 - €3,875 per week​

    Dufour 460GL - Gerry​

    €3,625 - €4,995 per week​

    Beneteau Oceanis 48F - Wayward Prince​

    €4,175 - €5,575 per week

    Beneteau Oceanis 50F - In Compliance​

    €4,175 - €5,575 per week​

    Dufour 520GL - Warriors Tale

    €5,125 - €6,825 per week​

    Dufour 520GL - Captain Redbeard​

    €5,125 - €6,825 per week​

    Jeanneau 53 - Big Fella Thanks​

    €4,550 - €6,050 per week

    Bali Catspace - Double Four​

    €7,875 per week

    Bali 4.1 - Double Five​

    €6,825 per week​

    Bali 4.1 - Double Six​

    €6,825 per week​

    Mid Season
    14/05- 10/06
    high season
    BAVARIA CR36Kiwi201336316+1€2,025€2,450€2,875
    DUFOUR 365Skiros200636316+1€1,825€2,250€2,625
    DUFOUR 382GLPleasant Company201938326+1€2,525€2,975€3,525
    BENETEAU 43.4Moonspirit200843.4428+1€2,375€2,795€3,125
    JEANNEAU SO 439Harry the Viking201444428+1€2,795€3,425€3,725
    DUFOUR 450GLOscar Time201445428+1€2,950€3,625€3,875
    DUFOUR 460GLGerry201946438+1€3,625€4,375€4,995
    OCEANIS 48FWayward Prince2016485310+1€4,175€5,125€5,575
    OCEANIS 50FIn Compliance2012506410+1€4,175€5,125€5,575
    DUFOUR 520GLWarriors Tale2018525310+1€5,125€6,275€6,825
    DUFOUR 520GLCaptain Redbeard2019525310+1€5,125€6,275€6,825
    JEANNEAU 53Big Fella Thanks2014535410+1€4,550€5,575€6,050
    Bali CatspaceDouble Four202240448+1€7,875€7,875€7,875
    BALI 4.1Double Five201941448+1€6,825€6,825€6,825
    BALI 4.1Double Six201941448+1€6,825€6,825€6,825

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What Our Customer Say

Booked our staff party and had an amazing time. Great catamaran, crystal blue waters, lots of fun and alcohol!

Graziella Vella

Ben Estates North

Our family had a great day out! Skipper was experienced and took us to some the best spots!

Maria Camilleri


Yacht was immaculate, our day was perfect thanks to the Medsail Team!’

Dave Crossman


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