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Yacht Repair, Maintenance & Guardinage Services in Malta

MedSail is the leading yacht services company in Malta. We provide yacht repair, maintenance, guardinage, hull cleaning, and more with a complete range of yacht services in Malta.

We take care of your yacht the way that you would.

Your yacht is the apple of your eye but you don’t live permanently in Malta: so you worry about it, all of the time. The Medsail Guardianage and Maintenance team love boats as well and we understand how difficult it is to be separated from your pride and joy.

Malta is quickly becoming a popular destination for international yachts for a number of reasons, namely the beauty of the islands, warm and sunny climate, and its relatively low cost of living.

The weather in Malta can be challenging towards boats: from one day to the next your yacht could be subjected to salt, sun, sand storms, and rain!

The Mediterranean weather has a huge impact and it can feel as if your vessel is under constant attack. You have to look after your boat thoroughly and knowledgeably.

Yacht Management Services in Malta

We offer an extensive Yacht Guardianage and Maintenance service. We clean inside and out, check and run all systems, and check the security and safety of your craft. If there are any problems we inform you immediately and then set out to resolve that issue on your behalf.

We want to make sure the time you spend on board is quality time, and isn’t spent cleaning and prepping (unless you like scrubbing the decks!). With our Gold Level Service your yacht can look forward to 24/7 attention all year round. When you arrive we will have placed a “Welcome Pack” of your selections on board for your convenience.

 And after you’ve enjoyed that precious holiday you won’t have to spend the last day cleaning your yacht and closing her down for your departure, just let us know when you are leaving and we will do it for you as soon as you have left: even down to doing the laundry and cleaning the fridge. 

Your boat can be cleaned up to three times a week depending on the weather and its activities. And if you make a last minute decision to go out and you need your yacht cleaned then that’s no problem, we can respond to urgent requests.

If you don’t need our Gold Level Service then you can choose to have a less frequent cleaning service or even a one off. Ask us for more details and together we can make sure your valuable asset is cared for properly.

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