RIB Charter Malta

RIB Charter in Malta

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your time while you’re in Malta, a sailing cruise is the best way to explore the island’s natural beauty.

RIBs are a great way to enjoy a day sea with family and friends.

They’re fast and easy to drive, getting you up to Comino or whichever bay you decide to go to in no time. Enjoy a fun day at sea on one of our RIBs. Book a RIB today!

We have a large selection of ten RIBs available for hire this year.

MedSail is a leading provider of RIB Charter in Malta. Send us a message or give us a call to check availability.

Medsail Malta-RIB-Charters
Medsail Malta-RIB-Charters

Malta Charters Pricing

Boatname/model LENGTH ENGINE​ PAX Price
Tecno 22ft 150HP 8 €395
BWA22 22ft 150HP 8 €395
BWA23 23ft 225HP 8 €450
LOMAC 710 23ft 200HP 8 €450
Ranieri 23 23ft 225HP 8 €450
Silver Charm 29ft 2x 150HP 10 €550
Exaggerator 31ft 300HP 10 €650

Additional Information

Don’t have a licence? or prefer to sit back and relax?

No worries, then we can send one of our experienced skippers for an additional fee of €150

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